CES Members

The Ministry of Regional Development, in addition to its sectoral responsibilities, coordinates the European Structural and Investment Funds in the Czech Republic and implements three operational programmes. The ministry therefore contains the evaluation units of Integrated Regional Operational Programme; OP Technical Assistance and OP Czech Republic-Poland; and the evaluation unit of the National Coordination Authority, which evaluates the ESI funds centrally, supports evaluators in individual OPs and helps build evaluation capacity in the ESI funds system in the Czech Republic.

Mgr. Petra Antošová, Dis., independent consultant, lecturer, facilitator, and evaluator with a focus on effective operation of non-profit projects, programs and organisations in area of development cooperation ... more HERE

Hana Bendová, MA, independent project consultant, evaluator and trainer. Offers in-depth experience in in the field of international development cooperation ... more HERE

Mgr. Lenka Broukalová, .............................. more HERE

Mgr. Lenka Brown, evaluator, consultant and project manger with practical experience regarding preparation, management and evaluation of ESIF programmes … more HERE

Ing. Lucie Bučinová, evaluator of programs and projects. She specializes in public programs in the field of human resource development (adult education, age management, gender issues, … more HERE

Mgr. Lukáš Bumbálek, evaluator and project consultant with profound experience in evaluation of cohesion policy programs and technical assistance projects. ... more HERE.

PhDr. Jindra Čekan, independent consultant evaluator. Dr. Cekan is focused on evaluating post-project sustainability of outcomes and impacts. ... more HERE.

PhDr. Jan Činčera, Ph.D., teacher at Masaryk university Brno (Department of Environmental Studies) and Technical university of Liberec. He focuses on theory, instructional strategies, and evaluation … more HERE

Mgr. Miroslava Drahotová, ................................. … more HERE

Ing. Petr Fanta, Ph.D., ........................................... more HERE

Irena Ferčíková Konečná, ........ more HERE

Jana Garay, M.A., C.E., evaluator with international experience in evaluating public programs and policies, science & technology organizations and international development projectsmore HERE

RNDr. Martina Hartlová, partner in HOPE GROUP, Ltd. She engages in evaluations since 2002 and she has a rich experience in leading project teams for evaluations and technical assistance projects ... more HERE

Ing. Jiří Hejkrlík, Ph.D., vice-dean of the Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences of the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague. In teaching, research and development projects ... more HERE

Doc. Ing. Lubor Hruška, Ph.D., ................................ ... more HERE

Lukas Kacena, in 2006 after graduation at Charles University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Lukáš started his career with Ernst & Young... more HERE.

PhDr. Marie Kaufmann, international consultant and socio -economic expert. Since 1996 she conducts evaluation and research studies for the European Commission in area of the pre-accession ... more HERE.

Marie Körner, co-owner of consulting company 4G eval s.r.o. Main areas of interest include development cooperation, project and programme cycle management, water supplies and sanitation ... more HERE

Bc. Petr Krucký, is a senior consultant in Performance Improvement Sector in EY. He has experience in evaluation of programs and projects cofounded by structural funds ... more HERE

Nikola Křístek ... more HERE.

Ing. Vladimír Kváča, Ph. D., director of Partnership Agreement, Evaluation and Strategy department at the CZ Ministry of Regional Development. He is engaged in evaluations of European funds interventions ... more HERE

RNDr. Viktor Květoň, Ph. D., researcher within the university centre of excellence at the Faculty of Science, Charles University and evaluator with international and national experiences ... more HERE

Mgr. et Mgr. Eva Lacinová, project manager and trainer. Her main areas of interest include international development ... more HERE

Susan Louise Legro, MIA, MPH, ........ more HERE

Bc. Jan Lehejček, graduated at the Department of Social Geography and Regional Development, Faculty of Science - Charles University in Prague. Currently, he continues in the Global Migration... more HERE

Mgr. Martin Nekola, Ph.D., has been a research fellow and a lecturer at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University in Prague since 2000. He holds a PhD. in Public and Social Policy ... more HERE

Ing. Karel Němejc, Ph.D., is Deputy Director for External Relations and Head of the Department of Pedagogy of the Institute of Education and Communication of the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (IEC CULS) ... more HERE

doc. Ing. Martin Pělucha, Ph.D., graduated at the University of Economics in Prague (2009 Ph.D. studies in Regional Science and Public Administration). In 2015, he was appointed as an associate professor … more HERE

Ing. Inka Píbilová, MAS, independent evaluator, trainer and facilitator. Her main areas of interest include international development cooperation … more HERE

Mgr. Jiří Pištora, expert in hydrogeology, water resource management, disposing of environmental burdens, assessment of risks, environmental audit and the construction ... more HERE

Ing. Oto Potluka, Ph.D., works at CEPS, University of Basel as a senior researcher in the field of Civil Society, regional and economic development ... more HERE

Ing. Mgr. Jiří Remr, Ph.D., MBA, graduated from Charles University, Faculty of Social Sciences where he gained PhD. He is a methodologist focusing especially on metaevaluations and quality management . ... more HERE

Ing. Vladimír Sodomka, graduated from the University of Economics Prague, summer school at the College of Europe, and training Czech/EPDET. He has an extensive experience in the field of structural funds and projects ... more HERE

Mgr. Miroslav Suchanec, PhD., MSc., he works as assistant professor at the department of social policy and social work (Faculty of social studies Masaryk university). He is engaged in teaching introductory statistics …more HERE

Mgr. Daniel Svoboda, independent evaluator, Chairman of the association Development Worldwide, member of CES and IDEAS ... more HERE

Mgr. Jiří Svobodník, graduated Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague (geography and history). He deals with methodological activities and evaluation of EU structural funds ... more HERE

Mgr. Simona Šafaříková, Ph.D., lecturer at the Department of Development Studies (Faculty of Science, Palacky University). Her work is focused on the development opportunities in different Asian regions ... more HERE

Ing. Martin Špaček, in 2013, he graduated at the University of Economics, Prague, Faculcy of Business Administration, Management and Business Administration. He focuses on the issue of EU Structural Funds and evaluation … more HERE

Mgr. Klára Štanderová ... more HERE

Kamil Valica, M.A., official at the European Commission, he manages evaluation and international cooperation projects in the Service for Foreign Policy Instruments ... more HERE

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